A writer has certain responsibilities


As a writer I have the responsibility to think before I write.  I must too write with good conscience check my facts and make sure they are just that…fact.  I should be sure to be careful to let the reader know if I am just stating opinion.  I should let the reader know if I am talking about my own experiences or pure conjecture.  I should back up factual statements with “sources” unless it is an well known fact.  Obviously if I am writing about brain surgery I will have to be very explicit compared to say writing about mowing the grass.  Nevertheless no matter the topic or subject matter my writing should be truth.When writing non-fiction one man’s truth is not necessarily another man’s truth but that does not mean one of them is wrong…just different.  We have one English language of which we are not entitled to write the dictionary for.  We should absolutely adhere to the rules of language and use the right word for the right meaning.

Interestingly enough when it comes to 12 step programs they sometimes take pride in re-defining words so no-one except the experienced AA-ers will understand the meaning for words like “gratitude” which by the way is no longer a feeling it’s an action.  Unfortunately they forgot to add the [ing] at the end of it so it would at least be grammatically sound.  I went gratituding today.  I think the old-timers take enjoyment in teaching newcomers just how mistaken they are about certain words and beliefs.  Anyway these click-ish rules don’t apply when it comes to serious writing.

To be a serious writer is to respect the language that is being written and to respect grammatical rules.  Not to say we won’t make mistakes and can’t throw in some slang here and there that is well on its way to entering into your favorite Websters or Funk & Wagnalls anyway, oh well Websters anyway.  (Funk & Wagnall was a dictionary written in the sixties)It is important to write in complete sentences so the reader understands.

The Microsoft Office Word program will teach you how to make complete sentences, punctuation, writing styles, spelling, and much more.  It is a fabulous program to learn to write with however I do find myself disagreeing with it from time to time.  Originality is a wonderful thing and writing about what we know most about, what we are experienced with and what we are enthusiastic about works best.

If you are planning a book write about what you know best and what your heart Loves.  We need books for everything!  There is no wrong topic of interest IMO of coarse.So please write on!  And remember the one who gets the most out of the book is the writer therefore…don’t worry if it doesn’t become published and famous.  When it comes to writing its about the journey.  However some books are just meant for type and you could not stop them from being published if you tried…like mine Lol!  Which by the way is copy written and unpublished but not for long.The Editor


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