The Emotionally Nurturing Fifth Step

Daily Meditation 10-13-13

Because of what life throws at us quality sobriety doesn’t always look pretty. At times the
appropriate sober emotional response is to throw down the mask and promptly fall apart.

must release the poison that negative human emotions can create in our hearts if we are to
survive not only sober but sane as well. Contrary to common belief crying is a healthy emotion
that should not be shut down by force of habit.
Psalms 30:5 “Weeping may endure for the night, but joy cometh in the morning.”
Pretending we know no sorrow does not exhibit strength it exhibits weakness and fear by
forbidding others from seeing who we are and how we truly feel sometimes. It is not sincere for
those in the program to constantly portray that “It’s all good” all the time as if those who are
having struggles are inferior for lack of a decent program.
Sharing from our heart during times of struggle is often a huge relief to our fellows because now
they know…they are not alone. By the same principle of honesty the most important thing to
share on a fifth step is the deep dark secret we are the most ashamed of. Shame is an exhausting
emotion that cannot stand the light of confession and so it leaves. Thank God we have a way to
emotionally heal.

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