We Can End The Patriot Act!

No More Patriot Act It doesn’t protect Americans rather it gives Big Brother a free rein at not only surveillance of home grown Americans but also gives the Federal Government the right to arrest us with no provocation or valid reason, basically for spitting on the sidewalk.  Please begin or continue your sobriety by doing this next right thing .  It is important and will only take a minute.

I don’t usually touch on political issues on this website however this is urgent.  The vote to end the patriot act is coming this Sunday Memorial Day Weekend.  Please visit this link to put in your vote and  you opinion to your state senator.   Here’s the link and below is a copy of their page.




Our senators and reps are in their home states this week. The most high-impact thing any of us can do is to show up at their offices and deliver this letter. We only have a few days until Sunday. Will you go and deliver this letter to them? While you’re there, take a photo and tweet it to #SunsetthePatriotAct or email: team@fightforthefuture.org.