Tremors & Parkinson’s Cure? Edgar Cayce Received Cures by Dreaming

UPDATE-To Primary Solutions

Dehydration is common these days.  The white sun is treacherous.  Sometimes the solutions is drink more water.  I can’t believe how much water my body requires.  Check skin on hands it will tell you if your dehydrated by the suppleness or dryness and elasticity.  People fear Diabetes, Parkinson’s, hyperglycemia, and other chronic illnesses when all they need is MORE WATER. Ya, that’s me.  Start your day with at least four cups of water before and after coffee. Two before two after.

are numbered at bottom of page.  This article’s solutions also applies to an imbalance of electrolytes & EMF exposure.    Even healthy natural salt raises blood pressure.  I had to rethink the remedy tonic below.  Remove the salt part of the remedy.  Or at least lesson the salt intake if you use it.  Yes it works but I think I was partly just dehydrated.  The salt, honey tonic raised my blood pressure (not good).  Try the tonic with only a splash of salt instead (never use reg. table salt).  Try the grounding and honey lemon water splash of salt, first.

Use Prayers to finally see Truth.  Keep an open mind.  This article requires emotional processing.  Looking into the face of evil is not easy.  Admitting that we have a lethal enemy afoot is not something easily dealt with emotionally.  Denial is the go to solution for Truth we cannot handle.  Anger is the failsafe.  Blame is dysfunctional.

Disclaimer medical.  The authors ARE NOT DOCTORS OR OTHERWISE medically trained in any way.  We do not claim medical advice here.  We claim we had a dream that gave us an alleged non-medical, non-chemical treatment for Parkinson’s Disease.

An uncommon sense article.

Remember this mantra.  “OUT OF THE PROBLEM INTO THE SOLUTION”.

“All things work together for the good to those who Love God.  God makes a way where there seems no way.”

Why They Don’t Teach Us About the Dangers of long term exposure to Electrical Currents in School.  Same reason the lie about the Earth we live on.

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