Security Tip

Security Tip from Recovery Farmhouse.  When you receive ads or any links in your e-mail it’s best if you don’t click on them.  Developers can add a link to your page and make it say anything for instance; “Free Money click here” but you don’t know what the real link address really is EXCEPT:  There is one thing that those hackers can’t change.

When you scroll over the link look below at the  bottom of your page in the left hand corner it will tell you the real link address.  Everyone see all those symbols at letters at the bottom of the page but we seldom pay attention to their exact phrases.  Now when someone sends you an email link you can just scroll over it and see where it will really take you.  Or you can read it and then look it up in the “Who is” and find out if the website is black listed for spam or malware.  Blessings to all Lori E.