Sometimes people are cruel




Sometimes people are very mean so what do we do?    We try to understand and accept that people are often wrong.    It is easiest to accept mean people when we keep in mind that they are hurting emotionally possibly very deeply.   People are often taught by parents and adults  to hold in their tears, to fight back and never express their their fears.

Sometimes when we feel anxiety its highly beneficial to just get up,  put on our shoes, walk outside and scream what ever it is we are feeling.    A great release will come in us by doing that exercise.   When a person is mean to us we can just smile and respond with a kind word.   In Proverbs it is written  “A kind word turns away wrath.”

Sometimes their is a deep and abiding anger  in us,  we must not be belittled because we are angry.    Anger is not a sin however taking that anger out on others is.  Wrath is when we project our own intense anger onto other people,  blame them for our feelings and then attack.  We must not allow others to belittled us because we are hurt and cry.    It is better to cry and let our anger out than to let it fester and turn to rage.

Life is full of laughter and joy, sorrow and pain we are not weak because we have pain nor are we better than anyone else when  we are able to  laugh.    Why were so many of us taught that certain emotions are unacceptable and shameful?   I believe that it is usually the people that are in the presence of a person having an emotional upheaval who are uncomfortable and try to shut them down.    It is hard to watch our children cry and scream but that is something we should accept rather than shutting them down.  We can guide our children to a private place if they need to scream and cry and be empathic with them showing care and understanding rather than labeling their feelings wrong and socially unacceptable.

When we lose a loved one we need to mourn that loss not stuff it down till it turns to anxiety, depression and makes us sick.  Why do you thing it is that most serial killers are white males?  I have a theory on that and it is directly connected to the fact that we do not allow our white men to express their feelings as children.  My God our men have been taught that it’s weak to cry, panzy to have fears and chicken-shit to express themselves.    No wonder our men are so emotionally sick.  Why is it that some men come back from the war with PTSD and others go through worse events and come back emotionally sound.  Crying and expressing feelings when they are most intense is a huge part of healthy emotions.  However we live in a world that says:  Keep a stiff upper lip, turn your hurt to rage, turn your fears to violence.

Hispanic men express their feelings more easily because their mothers did not condemn them for having feelings and tears.  We of the Caucasian race need no longer be ashamed of our feeling nor need we any longer repress them.  We can begin by writing them down that lets them out of the box of our mind.  Next we can confess them to a trusted understanding person.  Then who knows before long we may be proclaiming our human and natural feelings in meetings so other men can find the astounding relief that they are not the only one’s who feel fear, shame, and other insecurities.  Please, we are in recovery we no longer have to pretend.

We are as sick as our secrets, the truth will set us free!  Yes there are people that take our weaknesses and try to use them against.  However once we have talked about our weaknesses they and the people who would like to use them against us no longer hold the power.  Anyone who would use a man’s humanity against him is far sicker than the man who is able to share his humanity so others may be healed.