Many People in Alcoholics Anonymous are Not Recovered (yet or ever)

They are merely Reprogrammed.  They Grasp their emotionally erected walls hewn of Brick and Glass, Brick & Glass.

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What is the difference between reprogramming and healing?  Healing from addiction involves both emotional recovery and the reprogramming of mental habits, thought processes and results in a new self image.  If healed they are no longer defensive

and they do not judge others for their ideals and opinions, at least not openly by attack.  Those who are emotionally healed do not need meetings to stay sober.  They have recovered.   They know their dysfunctional survival skills to avoid them.  Also they have been spiritually freed from bondage by The Spirit of Love.  They know well steps 11 & 12 and how important these steps are.

Whereas those who are just reprogrammed in AA when stopping meetings will relapse.  They are still emotionally defensive because their self image is the same.  They have never gotten down to the causes and conditions of their pain and self destructive behavior.  Therefore they never processed the reasons they were so sick.  They just stuck on a band aid and went their way.  You cannot help these people, they are given to a reprobate mind and will defend against any hint of self exploration in a way that makes them feel vulnerable.  They will NEVER ever let down their defenses.  Their emotional walls are of stone and glass, stone and glass.

Stone because they are strong as the gates of hell and wide as a star system.  Glass because of all people they are the most easily offended and will scream first for censorship of those who speak of healing and deliverance.

Its sad…we must not judge them, somewhere they were punished greatly for being labeled “wrong”.  Or they are goat’s straight from hell who choose hate over Love and lies over truth. Maybe they are both.

We all have spiritual choices to make and will be judged in time rather out of time for those choices.