Space May be the Final Frontier but it’s made in a HOLLYWOOD BASEMENT


Addiction and MIND CONTROL are programmed into us in many different ways and in youth

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Why New Age concepts protect the criminal ruling elite so well. Can you say “agenda 21”? Can you say “brain washing” and can you say….”KOOL”? The concept of “kool” is one of the most significant mind control tools in the United States today. Once through TV and MEDIA the ruling elite have established an ideal as “un-kool”, THEY HAVE US. Example: ‘Negativity’.

Granted unproductive negativity is the behavior of an emotional vampire. But raising awareness and TRYING to motivate the masses to wake up and demand change is what I am doing. If nothing else we MUST realize what processed food is doing to our children and our bodies! This has been my main jag and a huge part of agenda 21 now called 20/30. Idk maybe they have set the goal to kill off the 5 billion or so people to fulfill the GEORGIA GUIDE STONES DIRECTIVE. Writte in 10 languages or so on tablets and determined by someone to get our population UNDER 500,000,000. Which means they mean to kill off 6.5 million people by 2030 I surmise. And they are well on their way. Who is “they” noone really knows but they have all the money and all the control whoever they are. I don’t believe that it’s the Rothschild’s. I think they are rich YES but they are a patsy for the true rulers. Many think the fallen angels are at the helm, I don’t doubt this. See book of Enoch. HIdden book of the Bible. And Genesis 6.

HOWEVER! WHAT IF DURING THE HOLOCAUST OF THE JEWS AND GERMANS IT WAS “UN-KOOL” TO PROCLAIM INJUSTICE? WELL GUESS WHAT? There is a holocaust in full gear right now that is killing MANY MORE THAN WERE KILLED IN THE INTERNMENT CAMPS. Where is it? It’s called man made Cancer and suppressed cures. It’s called poisoned food and smoke retardants ON EVERYTHING. It’s called Vitamin K shots and Vaccines that are MANDATORY. But few people realized the injustice and mass murder. With mass mind control very few people are aware of it. And by mind control it starts in kindergarten is carried on by TV and media/commercials TV shows, movies, fed to us night and day packed full of repetitive subliminal mind control and predictive PROGRAMMING and ends in the grave.