Sexual Abuse and addiction

Addiction is a symptom of childhood sexual abuse.

Is it just coincidence that every woman I have known in AA and in NA were sexually abused as children?

Why is it that some people commit suicide after being sober for years at a time?  I am sure each person has their own reasons for suicide but what if we work the steps, go to lots of meetings, work with others, and are active in the inner workings of AA but are still depressed and have intense anxiety?  When it comes to deep emotional trauma, sexual abuse, and the mental issues resulting from that trauma unless you have a sponsor who is a therapist as well AA will not be enough to clear the demons eating at you from the inside out.  When we lash out at those we love most in this world there is something inside us that needs attention.   It just means that AA is not equipped to address the emotional issues that a survivor of abuse in recovery will suffer.  Getting sober brings up all the emotional pains and shames that we have been trying to stuff down for so long.  Many people would rather continue stuffing their memories and feelings down and just accept a diagnosis of “anxiety disorder” or “bi-polar” or depressive disorder rather than work on the underlying reason for their addiction.  It’s understandable...feeling the pain that is responsible for our ongoing misery is a horrifying concept.  Most people just want to let sleeping dogs lie.  I think mainly because they don’t realize that if they could delve into their past and really cry, scream, and share about all of their core issues with God’s help they would heal.

Why refuse help when it’s available.  Why refuse to pray when God has helped so many.  Why refuse therapy and procrastinate when empathic therapy has helped so many.  And lastly….why refuse to go to AA and throw ourselves into the program with every bit of gumption we can muster up?  

AA works, therapy and addressing core issues works, God works.  Jesus came for the sinner and the sick.  He is the Higher Power that answered my call.  He came into the world not to condemn the world but rather that the world may be saved

Please don’t end up like one of those bitter old-timers angry because he is tortured inside and can’t bear the thought of either drinking or continuing his life.

True joy comes from God, peace of mind comes from God.  We can work with others till we are blue in the face but what’s inside of us will come out sideways if we don’t express it emotionally and share.

We have a right to be content no matter how low or how many bottoms we have had.  With the three keys of God, AA, and therapy we have a chance.


There is nothing wrong with getting outside help.  It does not mean that AA doesn’t work we don’t have to be jealous over AA.  AA won’t get it’s feelings hurt if we get help from religion and therapy.  And believe me by religion I do meant God & The Holy Spirit.  In spite of whatever name you choose to call God if you seek with your heart your heart will receive and find.  It’s not our intellect that needs a healing if it was we could go online and do computer exercises to build our brains up.  If we want to build up our muscles we work out with our muscles.  Active addicts are spiritually sick in their hearts and it is our heart that needs the healing.  I don’t mean our physical heart.  So we seek God, we work the steps, and we go to therapy and open up with our true feelings and our true thoughts.  


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