Programmed from Birth To Be Addicted

The Man who Hides his heart away behind a mask sickens his own soul

Children are not born hating themselves.  They are taught they are wrong at a young age by propaganda that produces self loathing.  From that point on we commence to fixing what we feel is wrong, OUR OWN HEART’S VOICE, and the “ME” our truth and our identity.   This perception of “I am wrong I am different” is by design.

Sounds like a rationalization, to say, “programmed for addiction” but it’s a truth and  realization.   Sounds as if it were said by a struggling addict who hasn’t been sober long that we must quickly discount and recite, “some are sicker than others”.

read on and watch the video below to see how programming occurs in humans.  It wasn’t until over seven years sober that I realized what formed my personality toward addiction. It wasn’t until more than eleven years sober that I realized the emotional indoctrination that happens to all public school students including our parents.

Ingrained in my learning “program” was the defect that “there can only be ONE RIGHT ANSWER to a given question”. Then we wonder why our minds are so closed. Those who run the education curriculum know full well what their main intention is and how to carry that out. And if your really smart they grab you at an early age and the indoctrination is even more sever to their own use and motives.

It is just as important to address wrongs suffered as it is to address wrongs committed in a step four. And believe me addressing wrongs suffered is a much deeper and needed healing event. Addressing wrongs committed works on us and our patterns of dysfunction, character defects. But when we process wrongs suffered that is when we begin to heal. Fact is sometimes we don’t recognize emotional neglect and abuse. Sometimes we just carry the torch to the next generation of indoctrinated addicts. Maybe you should ask yourself this…Why am or was I in so much pain anyway?

In the schools by the television, by commercials, and by media they taught me who and what to be from my first innocent learning experience of a child they polluted my purity with lies.  As they polluted my ancestors before me. Why do you think they call TV “programs”?

They taught me that fear was shameful by words like chicken shit and pansy.

So I hid my fear away and it grew inside me till it made me sick.

They told me that crying was a bad thing

So I stifled my tears and healthy emotional processes till tears turned to poison unfallen, unspent

They told me that anger was bad

So I repressed and hid my anger in shame till it grew to rage inside me,

They taught me that my dreams were stupid and that to excel I must compete

So instead of seeing the gifts in myself and my brothers and sisters we diminished each other’s authenticity, dreams and gifts and put them down, so we could see ourselves as good.

We fought one another instead of encouraging.  We lied and hid from one another because we were manipulated by T.V. and Movies, generational indoctrination’s, and laws.  So we compared our insides to their outsides and surmised surely there must be something wrong with us.  We resorted to criticism and blame…

My heart was broken because I learned that I was basically all wrong.

Accusations and blame didn’t work because now I saw myself as bad.   Basing my self image on comparison was in my head and not my heart.  It didn’t stop the pain of knowing I was inferior to all other people, as they had taught me.

I was beautiful but thought I was ugly.  My parents being raised by shame and guilt persuaded me everything about me was wrong and bad I felt so much shame.  My dreams were crushed.

I hid who I was deep in my core afraid of being different from the whole world.

They taught me who I should be not how to be who I am.

They taught me that war and slaughter of mankind is necessary to be safe.

And even though my stomach is as a herbivore, deer, rabbit, or monkey and I have no fangs or claws;

They told me to kill and eat blood meat and drink from cattle’s breasts so my health and brain function would be diminished as heart disease threatened to set in.

The corporations in high places poison our food and rape the Earth while claiming to desire complete harmony with nature.

They created a god of fear and punishment who slaughters for blood sacrifice.

They taught me to trust man made allopathic medicine and that the God given Earth medicinal herbs, fruits, nuts, and sunshine won’t heal my body and are evil for witches.

Now I see these Corporate and banker bastards scramble to destroy the Earth and its abundance.  They try to make nature illegal and suppress ALL it’s wisdom.  To them Earth and abundance is their rival.

So by diet I became stopped up for years as I wondered why my bodily functions didn’t work properly.  I became fat and bloated, swollen, and diseased as they profited off the Cancer that they themselves invented.   They gave me more poison radiation to “fix” the other poison I had fallen prey to.

Because we are taught in all their wisdom only they know the cures to disease.

I know this poem has surpassed the addiction topic…no wonder we drink and drug…the cure for addiction is to become open and transparent and to reprogram ourselves to know we are good and made in the image of goodness.

We are more powerful than we know and they the ravenous wolves are afraid of us waking up to the slavery at hand.

Here are the solutions to addiction and an addict mind:

This doesn’t mean that we don’t need to do a fourth step on our own wrongs.  But this realization does mean that we have been victimized and lied to and that their are valid reasons we were lead astray as sheep for the slaughter.  So we must not condemn us or our brothers anymore.

We must band together in goodness by changing ourselves WE WILL CHANGE THE WORLD.  With the faith of a mustard seed we shall move mountains.

The photo is a God Box to write our deepest fears and put them in God’s hands.