Solutions to Negativity

Getting clean and sober includes having some days that we feel like crap.  Some ways to reduce negativity are as follows:

1. Go to a meeting

2.  Put on your shoes and take a walk outside.

3.  Go to the park or river or springs or ocean, anywhere that is in nature.

4.  Call a friend.

5.  Clean the house.

6.  Do the dishes.

Remember good feelings follow actions not the other way around.  If we wait till we feel good to do something we are allowing our feelings to rule us rather than us ruling our actions then recieving a good feeling as a result of a right action.

7.  Read positive literature.

8. Start the day with meditation and prayer.  Practice step eleven.

9.  Work the steps again in a formal fashion.  Or just work steps 10, 11, and 12.

10.  Do some service work.

11. Take yourself out to dinner.

12.  Wash your car.

13.  Watch a comedy.

14.  Tell someone how beautiful they are.  Give to charity.

15.  Make a list of all the good things you have done for your recovery lately.

16.  Tell your story at a speaker meeting.

17.  Make a gratitude list.

18.  Give praises aloud to your Higher Power.

19.  Read the Bible, or the Big book.

20.  Do something nice for your children.

Yes all these things require action.  Action is what recovery is built on.  Seek your Higher Power and tell It how awesome It, He, She is.

21. Go to therapy.

22.  Go out to dinner and a movie.

23.  Make amends.

24.  Finish your fourth step.
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