“God Is Either All or [He-She-It] Is Nothing”



I heard a women at a meeting tonight share this: “When I expressed fear my sponsor told me that God is either everything or He’s nothing.” The sponsor made a typical example of the extreme thinking, closed mindedness and lack of balance addicts often experience. Why do I disagree with the statement? Because: THERE IS A WHOLE LOTTA GOD WHO LIVES BETWEEN “ALL AND NOTHING”.

But the cliche sounds good right? Say it outloud to someone, “by god, God is either all or nothing I say!” Feels kinda powerful in a way to harness the statement. Makes me feel superior for sure. Ya! I think I will carry that “cliche” home and spoon feed it’s ridiculousness and human impossibility to all my own sponsees.

Well if there is one man or just one woman on this earth who is 100% all God at All times we can name them “Jesus” because they WILL be walking on water. Why would this woman’s sponsor tell her such a crock of A.A. jargon-malarkey? What the sponsor most likely meant and should have said is a simple: “turn it over to God.” So why didn’t she say simply “turn it over to God”? Sensationalism is one theory. Maybe she spent her life being ignored and had to exaggerate to an extreme to get anyone to listen to her. And now that’s her MO. She heard the saying at a meeting then used it and felt the power so and it stuck.

But I am here to say THERE IS A WHOLE LOTTA GOD WHO LIVES BETWEEN ALL AND NOTHING. And this is usually where we meet HIm/Her/It. Not in some state of spiritual 100% perfection. Although it’s more likely to meet God at “0%” opposed to “100%” Because at zero we are depleted and see our intense need for God’s help. At 100% God hmmm never been there I don’t know.

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