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Emotional Disorder Disclaimer

I am not a physician nor do I have a degree in psychology.  I don’t know much about mental illness and my articles are not written as solutions to mental illness.  My articles are my own solutions to the inability to process my intense feelings.  I have learned how to work on my core issues and to process anger, and hurt when it crops up.  I no longer get depressed.  I am not paralyzed by fear.  My panic attacks are gone partly because of practicing the therapy tools I share online and mainly because of my own Higher Power Jesus and God the Father leading me into these solutions and enlightening and fulfilling me by spiritual experiences.

What I share is what I learned in therapy and helped me so much derived from the un-published works of Randall Mayrovitz, Meridian Behavioral Healthcare.  I am talking about remedies for anxiety, fear, and panic attacks due to repressed emotions which are the driving factors in much alcohol and drug abuse.  The solutions of expression that worked for me may not be for you.  I also talk about a fourth step as a remedy for shame which is also a cause to drink and drug.   We are as sick as our secrets but finding a safe place to initially get out our core trauma is another matter.  I attribute my own sync in recovery to God mapping things out just right. Be cautious who you share your feelings and traumas with.  We need someone who can relate, care, mirror, and understand.   Also some abuse results in such extreme emotional trauma that the door to those memories should stay shut except when under the care of a physician, medication and supervision.  However for me and those I was in therapy with these solutions along with the steps have kept us sane, serene, and sober.  I urge every addict to get group therapy where you can share your trauma and get feedback.  Also considering our family tree and the behaviors of our parents can be very enlightening to understand ourselves.  Ongoing prayer and meditation is priceless to recovery.

Solutions for anxiety, depression, and anger.

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