Addiction & Recovery

Learning cleaver cliché’s, a new key word AA pirate vocabulary, and the ability to repress resentment and shame will never be the same as the emotional sobriety induced by doing a Higher Power directed, honest, and thorough working of the 12 steps.  However, make no mistake oftentimes it appears to be the same.  The thing is if the inside of the cup doesn’t get washed regularly (4th,10th, 11th steps) the taste will not be so sweet.  Sometimes the taste of life still ain’t so sweet even with having done all the work.  There will always be something that is hard to put into the acceptance basket of the heart.  But the fewer things we try to control the easier our day will be.  Hence….God Grant us the Serenity to accept the things we cannot change, the courage to change the things we can and wisdom to know the difference.

WHY DO HUMANS WANT TO PLAY GOD?  Humans, while human will never be capable of seeing things in an absolute pure light.  Why?  There is a veil of carnality over human beings which pollute the pure view.  Looking through the eyes of Love is the pure view.  Gazing through the throngs of fear is the view marred with all sorts of grasping means for self survival according to false prides dictate.  “Oh yee of little faith!” cries our self exacerbation.  “If only our self-image could be fixed and then re-implanted in our hearts” we think to ourselves, as we quickly look around for another unsuspecting human to tag the label “bad & wrong” on.  Ohhhh if only we ourselves could see us through the eyes of Love.  If even for a moment…we could see us as God sees us, a pure lighted glow of innocence surrounded with an aura of color so soft it could only be spiritual and celestial.

When the body dies the veil rips, the cord snaps, and we will see as clearly as we are seen.  We will know as wholly as we are known, then and there will I see you again and I will say, “Ahh we meet again warm heart, loosed from the veil of spiritual darkness we were under for such a short and long time.  Greetings to you my friend, I see you made it to the home of Love that peradventure my heart should have hoped for you long ago.  Yes I should have Loved you then when we were in the place of humanity, where and when it would have meant so much more.”  For had we chose to Love, even through the ominous veil of our carnal haze it would have been a strong testament to who we were.


Love itself the power greater than any would have been strengthened within us.


Even Death in all its presence would have bent a knee and bowed to serve the Love alive within us and flee for its own survival.

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