Relapse Sucks

RELAPSE SUCKS BUT THERE IS A WAY TO QUICKLY CLEAR THE EMOTIONAL WRECKAGE. I DIDN’T MAKE IT UP ITS RIGHT OUT OF THE BIG BOOK. Can you see you are ashamed and that shame is what keeps us in isolation? Screw shame don’t let it take you down as it has for so long! You have a choice but the lie says you have no choice. Don’t believe the lies! I know how to dispel toxic shame and how to stay sober. I have shared all my tricks and tools at and
This article has some really helpful (step) writing exercises to get past the horrible feelings that come along with a relapse and trying to step back into the rooms of AA or NA with a clear head and free heart. We who are returning from a relapse are no worse or better than the man with 20 years sober, just in a different place. As people we are all equal but just because our head knows that isn’t enough.   Our heart still condemns us and wants us to beat ourselves up severely. What we in the rooms of AA call “the committee” are the voices in our head that are loud and negative.  They tell us we suck and are wrong and bad.  These feelings can prevent us from re-entering the rooms and making another attempt at sobriety. Our head tells us “what’s the use we will just screw up again?” NOT TRUE because this time we will use the steps and rely on AA to stay sober rather than ourselves. Once we realize it’s the program and our Higher Power that keeps us sober rather than ourselves we can walk with confidence that the program works. All we need do is work it.

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Author: Lori E.

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