Why does HIGH FASHION often imitate LOW-LIFE? And irritating status quo’s

Why does HIGH FASHION often imitate LOW-LIFE?  And some thought on annoying status quos.

MJ artistically grabs crotch.
Who IS Chris Brown anyway?
So Artistic!
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Heroin Addict Model Look

Captain Kirk and Numba-One are highly ashamed of the extremely low-riding ghetto shorts and the penis coddling associated with it in Earth 2016.  They are strictly tighty-whitie boys in high rise pants.  And they have that right by God!

First I want to thank Michael Jackson the pioneer of public penis coddling!  He paved the way for the rich and famous male performer to feel their oats and express the male dominance in a song and dance routine satisfyingly and artistically be-knownst to us all.  Big thanks guy in the sky!  More on the penis later.


I have noticed in the last ten years or so high fashion design advertising consisting of various magazines, high-end clothing manufacturers, and very expensive clothing lines portray their advertisements with models who look like heroin addicts, sadomasochists, and even ghetto rats and rap performers who often fondly rest their hands on their penis while on stage or while sporting their saggy baggy shorts.


My partner pointed out that how I see art work is my own perception.   And that maybe the ghetto guy on stage isn’t really holding his penis it just looks that way TO ME.

Check this colorful example in Rihannas apocalyptic male line-up.


He is probably right to an extent about my perceptions, that is.  The average ad photos are worth millions and there are no accidents in the placement of the male models hands.  And even so I have been forced to shop at Wal-mart lately.  Which me and my friends rightly call “ghetto-mart” because they built it slap dab in the middle of the ghetto.  And lots of black men yes I said it BLACK MEN walk around with their hands holding their penis and their shorts up killing two pigeons with one crack rock.  Sorry I feel the guy walking around in public with his hand on his dick is somehow degrading to me.  Obviously if it bothers me it’s about me.  In all reality the guy at ghetto-mart doesn’t know or care what I think about him or his penis.   OK maybe dad and his “sex and the human body are bad, dirty, and disgusting” bullshit affected me more than I like to admit.

So I have psycho anal-ized myself in this instance now I will analyze the motives behind high fashions artistic creations and why they may be imitating low life.  Firstly there’s the copy-cat reasons.  Many artists, photographers, high fashion CEO’s etc are merely going with the flow of what some other artist did and it became the “kool” thing to do cause well, IT SELLS.

Personally I dislike status quo-s.  Why?  Because status quo-s  wreak of follow-the-leader mentality.  And the followers don’t have the balls to be who they really are because they fear if people know who they are they won’t be liked.  I used to feel the same way before therapy.  Now I run around screaming for everyone else to jump on the therapy band wagon too so they too can realize they aren’t really the piece of shit that their neglectful and borderline abusive parents told them they were.  So yes follow the leader annoys me.  Because I used to be a follower now I do what I want, write what I want, create what I want, and don’t have any friends lol.  People read my articles for some reason.  But I think since most of my readers are in recovery I am basically the poster child for criticism and passive aggressive jabs.   (not true I have 1 or 2)

Anyway reference my recovery website at https://www.recoveryfarmhouse.com/ and http://recoveryfarmhouse.net/  for more on how to recover from low self esteem and drug addiction.

So back to these high-end advertisements.    I have been watching TV lately and noticed that Hollywood seems to think it’s wrong somehow to want money or to put value on money.  If your rich and famous your supposed to (by status quo) act like money is garbage and has no bearing on anything at all.  Money is not-important and principle is everything.   I have seen this MO in movies TV shows across the board.  Needing and wanting money is bad!  We must not elude to it ever! Excluding those lovely “it takes a thief” movies where the thief is the good guy and stealing for some grand purpose, our hero deserves that money and the rich diabolical meanie who earned it DOESN’T!  So I relate this status quo to the idea that well-off people are confused and are somehow made to feel guilty because they were born with money.  Granted principles and good character are important but that doesn’t mean that having money isn’t important too or that having money automatically makes you evil.

It’s sad I think that maybe some people think that being poor is automatically virtuous.  And that if your poor you may automatically have principle’s and good character.  This is anything but true.  Money has no bearing on a person’s character.

Uhh – Ohh heading off-track….And what about the Cancer survivors status quo.  You survived Cancer?  You get not only a warm pat on the back but your name is automatically written in the “Virtuous Gold Star book of the good”.  I know this because I have seen how people act around Cancer survivors like myself.  They gruvel around as if they have no right to even breath the survivors air.  When hell, the only virtuous thing about surviving Cancer is the way you gracefully forgive the idiot techs who nearly burn your pubic hairs off because they missed the red radar blast mark by a good 3 ft.  Or the way you forgive the foreign Oncologist when he suggests that the intense burns you suffered on your crotch are actually a yeast infection..lol.  True story folks ya, trust me,,,it happens.  If being a human being and victim of a disease is virtuous then sign me up folks…..old age in itself is a disease.  We all die. (except for God’s pets of coarse who may or may not walk the earth for over a thousand years.  And then there’s the dead guy who everyone knows was the biggest A-hole to ever cast a shadow of death across the main stage at your local AA meeting.  Status Quo says…..”What a wonderful man he was….and such a good friend!  I will mourn the days of this tragic loss for ever and always!”  When in reality you wouldn’t let the guy close to your house if he were the last drink of water in a desert sand storm.


Anyway, people who are not used to having money don’t rely on it as much.  Therefore they have the power to give and share when they have it. (not always of coarse).

Personally I wish I was rich as fuck but unless I go to school at the ripe age of 56 I don’t think I will be….ever.

I believe the high-fashion to low-life is linked in either shame, guilt, or envy not sure which or maybe all three.  Rich people who want to imitate being poor may either need to cover up their riches because they have been made ashamed of it.  Or they are deluded to the fact that poor people are automatically principled and envy that.  But who knows which if any marketeers of high fashion are just copying other ads and which are living the lie.

Does that kind of modeling sell clothes to the rich and famous?  It must or they wouldn’t still be paying millions to make a high fashion model look like a low bottom heroin addict.

Life is all social psychology and social psychology is bent on status-quo.  Everyone wants to be liked or they aren’t normal.  People pretend they don’t fear what other’s think of them but at some point we all fear socially.  And we all hate to admit it….unless we have had some great therapy.  Not all therapists know how to really help a person.  Many therapists will invalidate your feelings as fast as an abusive parent would.

Some people are successful in spite of abuse.  They walk into success.  It’s set up for them from the time they are babies.  And that does not make them bad.  What were they supposed to say as their care taker handed them their silver spoon?   “No, don’t give me what I need, please don’t give me my sustenance I prefer to go out and work cleaning toilets for it, maybe someday I will make enough to pay a years tuition at the college of my choice.”


Here’s the video of Michael Jackson being interviewed by Oprah who begs the question, “Michael why do you keep grabbing your penis during performances”?

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