What is Spirituality?


Clean time does not define a person.   Actions define a person.  How we treat ourselves and others defines weather we are spiritual or not.  Don’t hear what I am not saying please.  Sobriety is number one because if we are not sober that equals jails, institutions, and death.  What I mean is the amount of clean time I have does not automatically make me  a good person.  The lack of clean time does not automatically make me a low-life.  Preconceived notions in this arena is nothing short of bias and prejudice.  That’s like judging a book by it’s cover.

In the rooms of AA it is pretty much common to consider the title “spiritual” as the most coveted and esteemed of all titles on the list of good character.   But really who is qualified to define what a spiritual person acts like and how do we know who they are and if they really are the most spiritual among us.

Are we really qualified to call a man “spiritual”.   Are not we all spiritual and carnal beings at different times?   It’s not fair to label anybody good or bad unless we have spent allot of time with them. Good people do bad things and bad people do good things we humans cannot look upon a mans heart. People wear masks in AA.

Spend a couple weeks with a person at their home then decide who is spiritual and who isn’t. Just a reminder there is no perfect sponsor. The sponsor we want is the one that will take us through the steps and knows how to stay sober.  They may scream at their kids or commit adultery but that’s not our business.

When we date for the first 90 days people are on their best behavior. My ex-husband is one of the meanest men I know, he is verbally abusive and a killer BUT he managed to be prince charming for at least 9 months before I had our daughter and then he began the abuse.

So I can say this, when I did meditation every day I was much more spiritually connected than I am now.  But I still love God and seek Him in my life.  I still do service work (not as much) I am a human and there is an ebb and flow to my life.  Change is constant.  My life partner who I have lived with for nearly 10 years is a good man.   He lives by the golden rule and I have yet to see him act abusive or disrespectful.  But you won’t see him in church and He calls his  God by another name than mine.  Nevertheless I do consider him spiritual at this time.  That could change.  Also I am not 100% sure of my judgement about him because I cannot see what is in his heart.  True actions do speak louder than words

Here is a post from a girl in one of the groups I share in.  “I had a dream last night that Narcan worked on people who had overdosed months or even years ago and all these people I love were alive again. I woke up and cried all morning.’



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